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What other services does Irish Telecom provide?

Irish Telecom provide uncontended, dedicated site to site and site to multi-site networks to allow organisations accross ireland to operate more cost effectively and at higher speeds. We also provide high quality, high bandwidth internet connections to a number of Tier 1 providers and a range of voice packages to allow any business to save money on local and international calls.

How does connectivity from Irish Telecom work?

Irish Telecom has a number of strategically placed high-sites, allowing customers to connect to the Irish Telecom network using a radio unit linked from their network. Our hub in turn connects to fiber optic cable which links to our Data Centre.

What is a line of sight (LOS)?

For our wireless service to work the customer antenna must have an unobstructed view - 'line of sight' (LOS) of our nearby base station. This is because our base stations operate at extremely low power output - unlike mobile phone signals they cannot penetrate walls We carry out initial LOS tests using sophisticated software called Geographical Information Systems. This software enables us to determine if your location is within coverage, which high sites are available, signal strengths and possible Line of Sight obstructions like buildings, terrain etc. Once your location has passed GIS you are then ready to be scheduled for an installation.

What equipment do you provide?

The customer premises equipment depends on the service termination supplied by Irish Telecom. In the event of a fibre optic service, we will provide you an ethernet connection either as RJ45 or LC optical connection. For microwave wireless network terminations, this consists of an antenna, cabling and a indoor radio unit. The antenna is installed on the roof and connected via cable to the radio unit which presents the network connection in the form of RJ45 Ethernet.

How secure is the service?

Irish Telecom service is highly secure as it works on licensed radio technology. This is the same technology that is used by the mobile operators to carry calls from mobile masts and also most of the local authority, military and emergency service organisations across the world. Where required Irish Telecom can work with our clients to design and provide additional tailored security solutions to suit their specific needs.

What are the benefits of connecting through Irish Telecom?

  • Uncontended high speed access
  • Nationwide availability
  • Government VPN access
  • Carrier Class Network
  • Exceptional Customer Service

Irish Telecom can provide both asynchronous and synchronous transfer of data - what does this mean?

This means that data is transferred either at varying speeds as in the case of an asynchronous transfer or at the same speed up-stream as down-stream as in the case of synchronous. The synchronous is in contrast to DSL where the up-stream speed is typically only one quarter that of the downstream speed. Apart from facilitating faster transfer of files, synchronous service also facilitates multimedia services including video conferencing.

Does the antenna need planning permission?

As the antenna placed on the roof of the premises planning permission is not normally required.

How do I order the services?

Ordering any of our services is simple.

Email us at:

Alternatively contact our office and one of our sales executives will be more than happy to assist.

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