World Connectivity

With World Communication and Information Society day falling on May 17th we explored the prevalence of internet connectivity in the developing world.

The internet is one of the most valuable communication resources available today. It is expected that the number of worldwide households with internet access is set to double to 40% by 2015, when only 20.5% of households had access to the web in 2010.

For many in developing countries the cost of broadband can be a sizeable percentage of their daily income. On an income of $2 per day, the cost of fixed broadband can exceed half of a user’s income. Workers in the African countries of Nigeria and Zambia would need to spend 63.9% and 134.9% of their $2 income respectfully in order to gain access to fixed broadband, while in Columbia access to mobile broadband would cost almost half of a worker’s $2 pay cheque.

With a focused shift toward improving access to the internet, the number of countries with National Broadband Plans has rapidly increased from 17 in 2005 to 134 in 2013. With increased attention being brought to the importance of broadband connectivity we are moving toward bridging the digital divide.

World Connectivity Infographic