Net Neutrality & the Open Internet

Net Neutrality and the Open Internet Featured Image

The net neutrality debate is one that has polarised opinion throughout the world. Some believe that the Internet should be made equally accessible for everyone, while others maintain that Internet use should be regulated to give priority to important content and distribute bandwidth more consistently with how people use it, i.e. provide greater bandwidth to those who regularly use streaming websites.

Both sides of the argument can provide adequate reasons for their point of view. Supporters of net neutrality will tell you that it ensures fair competition because the biggest corporations cannot simply buy their way to the top of search engine rankings, while every Internet user has free rein over their choice of content. Net neutrality opponents will cite the need to prioritise the best interests of web users and the possibility of reducing the influence of unsavoury content such as pornography. The infographic below weighs up both sides of the debate and explains some of the background to the concept of net neutrality.

Net Neutrality and the Open Internet