Internet Access Technologies Explained – Infographic


In today’s technologically savvy working world, corporate and business customers can avail of a wide range of Internet access technologies, with some more suitable to certain needs than others. Whether your priority is speed, availability or the best hybrid of both, this infographic explains the benefits and drawbacks of several forms of Internet access technologies.

In terms of availability, analogue modems and satellite and leased line connectivity tick this box with virtually every location. However, if your priority is a high-speed connection, then a cable modem or DSL modem are the most ideal choices. Other important factors to consider are the simplicity of use, the cost and whether the phone and Internet can be used simultaneously. The infographic also explains connectivity solutions for business such as Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) and Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS/VPN).

This infographic by Irish Telecom provides an informative, easy to understand guide to the many forms of Internet access technologies that can be adopted by corporate and business customers. In the 21st century business world, it is absolutely vital for companies to have the perfect type of Internet connection to suit their needs, due to the ever-increasing prevalence and importance of the World Wide Web.

Internet access technologies Infographic